Face Reality Virtual Acne Bootcamp Initial Consultation


Face Reality Virtual Acne Bootcamp Initial Consultation

Product description


Ready to clear your acne but are not located in the southwest Florida area? We can still help you virtually to get clear through a home care product regimen.

At RoZ Aesthetics we have proudly helped clients virtually in 25+ U.S. States clear their acne with a 90%+ success rate and maintain clarity after the program! 

This initial appointment includes a complete in depth acne consultation to determine what type of acne you have and assess potential contributing factors such as lifestyle, environmental, diet, stress, medications, supplements, cosmetics, etc. 

You will be given access to detailed exclusive educational resources to help you address these factors holistically to remain clear long term.

We will decide on the best course of treatment and you will receive a customized home care regimen of Face Reality products.

*Home care is essential for our acne program and the success of your treatment plan. Products will be ~ $200 minimum total and must be purchased at first appointment to proceed with Acne Bootcamp.

*Each product and your routine will be described to you and fully explained during your consultation.

You will then be able to purchase your complete regimen at the end of your appointment and your products will be shipped directly to you with a detailed regimen card to follow each day.

Following your initial appointment, you will be required to attend bi-weekly check in appointments for 3-6 months, depending on your acne type/severity, where we will monitor progress and adjust your home care routine. The check-ins are crucial as we will modify your skincare routine each time.​

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