Lengthening Mascara - RoZ Aesthetics
Lengthening Mascara $32.00
Experience the Saint Minerals® Lengthening Mascara, a game-changer for your lashes. Infused with collagen, this unique formulation effortlessly lengthens + defines each lash with just one coat. The bristle brush ensures maximum impact without clumping, creating beautifully enhanced lashes. With its rich black pigment, this mascara offers long-lasting + smudge-proof wear, giving you high-performance results that last all day. Available in classic Black shade, this mascara is a must-have for achieving captivating lashes with ease. Size: 12ml
Precision Smudge Brush - RoZ Aesthetics
Precision Smudge Brush $25.00
The SAINT MINERALS® Precision Smudge Brush is expertly designed for detailed + controlled eyeshadow application. Its small, tapered shape allows for precise smudging, making it ideal for creating sultry + defined eye looks. Perfect for achieving a professional finish with ease. This brush can be used to blend eyeshadow in the crease of the eye, smudge eyeliner along the lash line, or apply highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes. Made from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres.
Blending Crease Brush - RoZ Aesthetics
Blending Crease Brush $25.00
With its tapered + fluffy bristles, our SAINT MINERALS® Blending Crease Brush is designed for seamless blending in the crease of your eyelids. Ideal for creating soft transitions between eyeshadow shades + achieving a professional, well-blended finish. Perfect for adding depth + dimension to your eye makeup. Made from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres.
All Over Eye Color Brush - RoZ Aesthetics
All Over Eye Color Brush $25.00
SAINT MINERALS® All Over Eye Colour Brush is a versatile tool for effortless eyeshadow application. With its soft, rounded bristles, it evenly sweeps + blends eyeshadow across the eyelids, making it perfect for creating a seamless + polished eye look. An essential brush for achieving a beautifully blended + coordinated eye colour. This brush seamlessly applies layers + blends liquid, cream + powder eyeshadows. The dense bristles of this brush allow it to pick up the perfect amount of eyeshadow, while the curved tip of the brush can be used for precise application, especially in the crease of the eye + along the lash line. Made from triple-milled synthetic vegan fibres.
Refillable Eyeshadow Palette - RoZ Aesthetics
Refillable Eyeshadow Palette $19.95
Craft your personalised eyeshadow palette with your preferred shades. This adaptable case provides a secure and magnetic base for our Pressed Eyeshadows.
Pressed Eyeshadow - RoZ Aesthetics
Pressed Eyeshadow $19.95
We understand the significance of healthy, radiant skin. That’s why these eyeshadows are crafted with a carefully selected blend of exceptional ingredients. Each shadow is infused with Australian Jojoba Esters and Vitamin E.These ingredients hydrate and soften your skin while ensuring comfort and a lightweight feel
Brow Butters - RoZ Aesthetics
Brow Butters $32.00
Introducing Saint Minerals® Brow Butters, the perfect solution for shaping, defining, + adding voluminosity to your brows.Our Saint Minerals® Brow Butters feature a 100% natural formula with highly-pigmented colours. Their super smooth + creamy consistency allows for effortless application, while their water-resistant properties ensure long-lasting wear. Achieve beautifully sculpted brows with ease and confidence using our Brow Butters.Size: 3.5g
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