Pressed Highlighter – Golden Glow - RoZ Aesthetics
Pressed Highlighter – Golden Glow $54.00
Introducing Saint Minerals Pressed Highlighter – Golden Glow. This second-skin powder effortlessly buffs + blends for a naturally luminous complexion. The ultra-finely-milled formula builds luminosity with ease, delivering a refined, glitter-free finish. Illuminate your features with a lust-worthy glow that captivates. Size: 8g
Saint Minerals Loose Mineral Foundation - RoZ Aesthetics
Loose Mineral Foundation $60.00
Saint Minerals® Loose Mineral Foundation builds from light to full coverage, offering a flawless finish for all skin types. The Saint Minerals® Loose Mineral Foundation is a triple-milled, super-fine mineral foundation that provides a satin, creamy, buildable + flawless finish. Offering UVA+B protection, conceal + protect, layered coverage + as a spot-treatment concealer. Size: 8g
All-Over Loose Bronzer - RoZ Aesthetics
All-Over Loose Bronzer $35.00
Introducing the Saint Minerals® All-Over Bronzer, your key to achieving a radiant + healthy glow throughout the year. This highly pigmented loose bronzer powder is designed to suit all skin types + tones, offering a universal shade that enhances your natural beauty. Experience the versatility of our Saint Minerals® All-Over Bronzer with endless application possibilities. Apply it alone for a luminous glow that brings warmth to your complexion. For a subtle, copper hue, blend it onto your eyelids. Create a defined + contoured photo-finish by using it in combination with our Saint Minerals® All-Over Mineral Highlighter. Take your bronzing game to the next level by mixing the Saint Minerals® All-Over Bronzer with your favourite body moisturiser or our Natural Oil Primer. This allows you to create a silky and smooth liquid bronzer that can be used on both the face + body. Achieve a sun-kissed look that exudes radiance and confidence. Suitable for all skin types, the Saint Minerals® All-Over Bronzer is your go-to product for a natural + glowing complexion. Embrace the beauty of a universal shade that enhances your features + offers endless possibilities for application. Elevate your makeup routine + let your inner glow shine through with this long-lasting + highly pigmented bronzer powder.
Pressed Matte Bronzer - Sun Kissed - RoZ Aesthetics
Pressed Matte Bronzer - Sun Kissed $54.00
The Saint Minerals® Pressed Matte Bronzer: a luscious, long-lasting powder for a sun-kissed, velvet matte finish. Its lightweight formula effortlessly blends into the skin, offering versatility as a blush, eyeshadow, or body bronzer. Elevate your beauty routine + embrace a radiant, natural glow. Size: 8g
Pressed Matte Blush - RoZ Aesthetics
Pressed Matte Blush $43.00
Introducing our revolutionary Pressed Blush Compact, the perfect companion for achieving a radiant and rosy complexion. This compact delivers a matte, shine-free flawless finish and is long-lasting. The range of shades caters to all skin tones and preferences. These Pressed Matte Blushers contain Australian Jojoba Esters and Ethyl Macadamiate, these luxurious ingredients hydrate and soften your skin, ensuring a comfortable and lightweight feel throughout the day
Mineral Primer - RoZ Aesthetics
Mineral Primer $35.00
Discover the transformative power of Saint Minerals® Mineral Primer. This innovative primer is designed to “Prime + Prep” your skin, creating a smooth texture + minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, + pores before applying any Saint Minerals® foundation. When used alone, it provides a “blurring” effect that enhances your complexion, giving you a brighter + clearer look. The Saint Minerals® Mineral Primer features a clear + silky gel consistency that feels light on the skin while providing long-lasting durability. It is suitable for all skin types, with a particular benefit for oily skin as it helps eliminate excess oil + shine throughout the day + night. Experience the benefits of a primer that sets the perfect canvas for your makeup application. Achieve a flawless + radiant finish with the Saint Minerals® Mineral Primer, making your foundation application smoother + enhancing the longevity of your makeup. Enjoy a brighter + more refined complexion with this versatile primer suitable for all skin types. Size: 25ml
Mineral Veil - RoZ Aesthetics
Mineral Veil $49.00
The Saint Minerals® Mineral Veil is a must-have product for those seeking a flawless, long-lasting makeup finish. This lightweight primer + setting powder is designed to reduce shine + set your makeup for the day. Formulated with Rice Powder, it effectively minimises excess oil + creates a matte effect, making it ideal for those with oily or combination skin. The translucent formula ensures a seamless, natural-looking finish. Whether applied before or after foundation, this versatile powder can be used all over the face, including the eyelids, to lock in your makeup + maintain a fresh, shine-free look throughout the day. Complete your makeup routine with the Saint Minerals® Mineral Veil for a perfect, polished appearance. Size: 10g
Loose Blush – Rose Glow
Loose Blush – Rose Glow $49.00
Discover the Saint Minerals® Loose Blush, designed to give your cheeks a fresh + radiant look. With its soft pink, rose glow, this blush provides a natural flush that enhances your complexion. Suitable for fair, medium, olive, + dark skin tones, it offers a complimentary hue for a variety of complexions. Achieve a fresh + vibrant cheek look with the Saint Minerals® Loose Blush.
Peptide Concealer - RoZ Aesthetics
Peptide Concealer $32.00
Discover the transformative power of Saint Minerals® Concealers. Our ultra-hydrating Peptide Cream Concealer offers a lightweight + luxurious texture that effortlessly hides discolouration, dark circles, pigmentation, + blemishes. With its long-lasting + highly pigmented formulation, this concealer ensures a flawless complexion that lasts all day. It is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores, + it doesn’t crease or settle into fine lines around the delicate eye area. Enriched with Pumpkin Seed Extract, it also promotes collagen + fibrillin production, helping to improve the texture, tone, + appearance of fine lines + wrinkles. Experience the confidence of a flawless complexion with Saint Minerals® Concealers. Size: 3.5g
Pressed Mineral Foundation - RoZ Aesthetics
Pressed Mineral Foundation $59.00
Saint Minerals® Pressed Mineral Foundation is perfect for those with oily skin or a preference for a matte finish. This exceptional pressed mineral foundation provides impeccable coverage, as well as controlling excess oiling, giving you a fresh + shine-free complexion throughout the day. The Saint Minerals® Pressed Mineral Foundation offers UVA+B protection, + is convenient for quick touch-ups. Size: 14g
Pressed Eyeshadow - RoZ Aesthetics
Pressed Eyeshadow $19.95
We understand the significance of healthy, radiant skin. That’s why these eyeshadows are crafted with a carefully selected blend of exceptional ingredients. Each shadow is infused with Australian Jojoba Esters and Vitamin E.These ingredients hydrate and soften your skin while ensuring comfort and a lightweight feel
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