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Looking back to see what you have accomplished through your skin journey is so rewarding. Like with any goal, it doesn't become accomplished overnight, and if a skincare goal will teach you anything it is patience and commitment. 

 So lets get into it!

Every regimen is custom to your skin type, concerns, tolerance, and most importantly your goals!

The following regimen is what I am currently using on my skin to achieve my goals. This is a more advanced regimen that without prior products used, I would absolutely never be able to jump right into. 

Within this regimen I am prepping my skin for chemical peels, balancing my skin to maintain hydration while correcting acne scars, preventing acne breakouts, correcting the overall texture and tone of my skin and minimizing my pores. I have combination skin but tend to get dry patches with colder weather and I am acne prone. 

 Before starting my routine I of course thoroughly wash my hands with soap and warm water, during this time it also gives me the chance to perfect the water temperature. You always want your water to be warm, not cold and definitely not too hot! 


*At-Home Treatment*

Oxygen Deep Pore Masque + Hydrating Masque with Enzymes

I cocktail these masks together and use it 2-3 times a week. It exfoliates and detoxifies as it boosts cellular renewal. It instantly moisturizes and firms my skin. 



☀️Morning Routine: 


Step 1: Cleanse

Face Reality Ultra Gentle Gel Cleanser

I cleanse 1 time in the morning with Face Reality's Ultra Gentle Gel Cleanser. This cleanser is extremely gentle so I don't have to worry about stripping my skin by over cleansing or drying out my skin. It gives me a fresh canvas in the morning to make sure I am getting any excess oils that generated throughout the night and is so so good about removing any trace of prior products off. I use a more advanced night time regimen so this is really important!

Step 2: Tone

 1. My Dermatician Antimicrobial Skin Mist

I don't just use this in the morning, I use this throughout the day. After the gym, after going to the grocery store, after going out to eat, if I touch my face, on my pillow before bed. This is my ultimate weapon to fight acne! It's all natural and kills viruses and bacteria on the skin. 

2. Herbal Skin Solutions pH Balancing & Brightening Toner 

The pH Balancing toner is hands down my all time favorite toner I have ever used. It is blended with hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and so many organic extracts that help refine pores, brighten & hydrate your skin. I also am in love with the bottles that Herbal Skin Solutions uses because you always get an even light mist when you spray the product.

3. Herbal Skin Solutions Hydrating Mist

I love to use the Hydrating Mist to amplify my toner. It adds an extra kick of hydration and smells so good!


Step 3: Hydrating Serum

Lira Clinical Bio Hydra Infusion

Lira's Bio Hydra Infusion is my second step after drying my face/neck with the Clean Skin Club Towels, it's so light and soaks into your skin instantly, you can feel an immediate surge of hydration as soon as it's applied and it doesn't have that gunky sticky feel like most other Hyaluronic Acid Serums. It layers perfectly with my other products. This is absolutely my favorite blend of hyaluronic acid that I have ever used and they bump it up by adding in silver ear mushroom plus plant stem cells.


Step 4: Treatment Serum

GlyMed+ Vitamin C Serum

GlyMed+'s Vitamin C Serum has a daunting price tag for its little bottle, but a little goes a surprisingly long way. It is so lightweight and spreads so well, it also never makes my SPF or moisturizer pill. This one in particular is highly concentrated so it isn't the best serum for first time users of Vitamin C, as a first time user I would suggest Herbal Skin Solutions Vitamin C+ Enhancement Serum. If I wasn't in the process of correcting my pigmentation and needed more of a maintenance serum, this is what I would be using. It's extremely hydrating with its blended formula of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.


Step 5: Eye Cream

Skin Script Tri-Peptide Eye Cream

The Tri-Peptide Eye cream is my go to morning eye cream because I work a lot on a computer & my phone for work. I started to notice dark under eyes, puffy bags, a little wrinkle right under my eyes and I just looked exhausted all the time. This eye cream is designed specifically to protect you from blue light/digital pollution and correct the effects from it reducing fine lines, puffiness, and it's hydrating!


Step 6: Moisturize

GlyMed+ Oxygen Cream

I keep my entire morning routine pretty light talking about a consistency base, so that I don't pill when applying my sunscreen. But, I also have acne prone skin that is combo but leans towards the dry side, its a lot. With that being said I have to make sure I am always staying hydrated to prevent dry patches. GlyMed+'s Oxygen Cream does a really good job at balancing my routine and locking in my serums without feeling heavy. The oxygen infused cream helps prevent breakouts and minimize pores while also keeping me extra hydrated throughout the day. 


Step 7: Protect

Colorescience Glow + Flex SPF 50+

My final step is always always ALWAYS sunscreen. I love Colorescience because I can use the Glow combined with the Flex to create a flawless finish on my skin while performing as my makeup for the day. The hardest part about correcting pigment is the fact that the products we are using to correct the dark spots is also making our skin so much more susceptible to the sun, and can in return make our pigmentation worse than it was to start with if it's not properly used. Using the Colorescience Flex and Glow makes it so much easier to actually apply sunscreen every couple hours throughout the day because you aren't worrying about messing up your makeup. It is your makeup. Having acne prone skin this is a must for me as it's non-comedogenic, oil-free and hypo-allergenic.


🌚Evening Routine:

Step 1: Cleanse

First Cleanse - Face Reality Ultra Gentle Gel Cleanser

Second Cleanse - GlyMed+ Idyllic Cleanser

The Idyllic cleanser is an active cleanser but it is very mild. If you have actives in your routine then you do need to be careful of which ones they are and if they mix well when they are in contact with each other. Sometimes they need to be slowly introduced into your regimen even if they are safe to be used together, it all depends on your skin type and tolerance. This is a top choice cleanser because it helps brighten skin, prevent breakouts, and promote collagen. 


Step 2: Tone

1. My Dermatician Antimicrobial Skin Mist

2. Herbal Skin Solutions pH Balancing & Brightening Toner 

3. Herbal Skin Solutions Hydrating Mist


Step 3: Hydrating Serum

Lira Clinical Bio Hydra Infusion


Step 4: Treatment Serums

 GlyMed+ Diamond Bright Skin Illuminator

GlyMed+ Retinol Rejuvenation Serum

Diamond Bright Skin Illuminator is used to amplify the results of the Retinol. The Diamond Bright targets injured melanocytes in the skin to lighten pigmentation. These 2 serums are also prepping my skin for chemical peels to ensure I get the best results during my treatments. 


Step 5: Eye Cream

Lira Clincal MYSTIQ Perfecting Eye Cream

Finding an eye cream that comes in a bottle that doesn't make you feel ripped off and gives you visual results when it comes to softening fine lines and corrected dark under eyes was hard to come by until I found Lira Clinical. This is a miracle worker of an eye cream, and I will not go a day without it. 

Step 6: Moisturize

GlyMed+ Daily Repair Cream

While I am using a pretty advanced regimen, that can be very drying and cause adverse effects if I don't keep my skin properly hydrated The Daily Repair Cream ensures I am. If I am ever feeling like a bit more dry than usual for any reason I will add in a couple drops of the beauty oil. This is one of GlyMed's most popular moisturizers for good reason. It is what is used post treatment because it is so hydrating and it's also a protects your skin against environmental stressors that can lead to premature aging and acne. Anytime I have any of my clients on an advanced regimen or if they have dry skin this is usually the cream I prescribe them. 

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